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Leyla White silk Gown
Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Here is a new design in my leyla white line, this gown is Beautiful yet sexy. i love this gown so mush i ran around in it all day yesterday giggles and i hardy ever dress up . this gown is great for spring event , would also make a beautiful wedding dress. come with a silk corset,silk flex dress,silk short and silk scarf.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 6:52 AM   0 comments
Anarchy Girl
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
This Skirt i am mush proud of , i have made a lot of prim flex skirt but this is my fist that is all prim. no pants under. i rush over and showed my Mentor Ravenlynn she loved the skirt, coming from Ravenlynn that saying a lot. You well enjoy this punk outfit comes with red paid flex skirt with chain suspenders and anarchy white shirt. awsome for punk event or jest playing around in second life. BTW soon ill be make dif colors of this skirt. red,pink,black,white/black. and well be saleing them apart from the shirt. ill keep ya posted thank you :)
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 2:46 PM   0 comments
Sunday, February 25, 2007
smiles this is a cute one peace swim suit. spring is all most here. time for fun in the sun
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 11:54 AM   0 comments
Red n Lace!!!!
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Grin title and pick say it all grins.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 12:36 AM   0 comments
Leyla WHites Bridal Gown
I am so in love with this gown and cant wait to see some one tie the knot in this spring Bridal Gown. you and your new love well fall in love with this design.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 12:32 AM   0 comments
Forsaken Heart Lil neko grand opening free t shirts
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Fed 21 throw 24 well be my grand opening for my Main Store.We well be having a circus lots of game prizes djing pool party and mush more. My Main store well be giving away free stuff.20 to 50% off marked price and mush more . here is the land mark Lil' Nekos By Saur Holt, Forsaken Enterprises (136, 175, 30)
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 8:44 AM   0 comments
Mens Swim Gear and Shirts

Well i have final designed some male clothes. you well enjoy this male swim gear.
looks both howt amd kewl, both swim short for a short time come with my new T shirt called Death Neko.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 8:37 AM   0 comments
Leyla White Swim Gear 2 peace
Monday, February 19, 2007
Smiles this is my new design of swim gear . some one asked me why my new line of clothes are called Leyla White. grins well its named after my sl mom, Her first name is Leyla, In Second life and she wears a lot of white. look for more outfit in the line called leyla white, and enjoy this sexy swim gear.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 8:29 PM   0 comments
Leyla Whites Blues
I got off work we drove past a river. A couple of years ago me and some friends want swimming
we all had swim suits under our clothes. I had a brain storm , I am proud of this design. you get two outfits for the price of one. comes with a see throw blouse, flex skirt, shorts, 2 peace swim suit,belt with buckle and bangles. you well enjoy and turn lots of heads in this outfit. on your way to the beach.
P,S Ravenlynn helped me put my main store in order, to make room for new spring gear and to make it easy to shop. thank you for your support and thank you Ravenlynn for all your help.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 3:17 AM   0 comments
Leyla White Feather topandflex skirt
Saturday, February 17, 2007
you well wow them in My spring gear .this line is called leyla white, comes with a feather top, flex skirt, lace shorts and lace and silk stockings. i designed this line leyla white after my sl mom leyla she all most alwas wear white and looks good in white. you well turn some head in this outfit.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:09 AM   0 comments
Assasin Neko
Thursday, February 15, 2007
This Outfit is Sexy and spicy, i was a sleep and woke up with a idea ASSASIN NEKO!!!
I think you well love this sexy tuff outfit.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 5:24 PM   0 comments
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
smiles for all you anime fans . and comic fans i made this T shirt to go with my comic Book Coming out Next Mouth called NightMare Slayers. you can only get this shirts at my main store right now . The One in Forsaken .
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 10:10 PM   0 comments
Monday, February 12, 2007
My white pretty kitty sold so well . i made a black pretty kitty lingerie. i was ask to make it i did and lit me tell ya i love it. thank you for your support
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:15 PM   0 comments
Gothic Belt N Lace Dress
Sunday, February 11, 2007
MY BEST WORK YET! I am proud of my self with this design. it is gothic, yet sexy and cute
Come with Shirt, short ,Flex Skirt, Lace Cuffs,Stockings and fishbone collar
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 10:09 PM   0 comments
Vinly Love
I love this outfit it is sexy hot and cute, come with vinyl top,short and flex skirt.
The title speak for it self grins ..
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 10:03 PM   0 comments
Summer Breaze
Love the feel and look of white cotten
try this out. you well turn a lot of heads . come with top glove flex skirt and pants.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:34 PM   0 comments
Wicket n Good
Title says all GRINS
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:33 PM   0 comments
Red Gothica
This Outfit is one of my top salers
gothic feel with a splash of red.
come with vest,top,gloves, flex skirt and socks.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:30 PM   0 comments
Bad Kitty
Feeling bad love vinyl and chain
Come with skirt, top,chain belt.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:28 PM   0 comments
Feeling the salsa beat. want to move your hips . heres a salsa dress for you
come with flex arm band, flex dress,shirt,undershirt,pants and stockings
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:25 PM   0 comments
Silk Hearts Lingerie
your sweets well love this one peace heart lingerie.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:22 PM   0 comments
Neko Valentine Lingerie.
It all most Valentines get your loved one something you both well enjoy.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:20 PM   0 comments
Neko Pritty Kitty Lace Lingerie.
Wow them in this Howt lace Lingerie
come with lace top,lace panties.lace flex skirt and stockings.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:18 PM   0 comments
Neko 2 peace swim suit
Tired of the cold wishing for some fun in the sun . wait no more. in this 2 peace swim suit well warm you saul and turn heads. spring in all most here!
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:14 PM   0 comments
Neko Swim!
it all most time for fun in the sun!
swim in this 3 peace anime swim gear
come with top shorts and wrap around skirt.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:08 PM   0 comments
Fullmetal Neko
Anime Fan ? i am so i made this outfit
come with jacket, shirt undershirt,pants and gloves.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:03 PM   0 comments
Neko Tail Pants
smiles show off your tail in this pant
with kitten paw print.
and zipper pockets
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:00 PM   0 comments
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