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Sexy Gryffindor School Uniform
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Look out Hogwarts, as we at Passionate Neko Dreams bring you our own Sexy-Gryffindor-School-Uniform! Perfect for back to school, or Halloween Trick-or-Treating! This hot ensemble comes complete with little lacy knee-highs, sexy short skirt, our collared buttoned down top with rolled sleeves, complimented by our Griffindor sweater vest, our sexy short cape and Griffindor colored necktie! Be the hottest girl on campus in grande Hogwarts fashion and you are sure to get all the treats this Halloween! =^_*=

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Trick Or Treat Pj's
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Happy Halloween!!! As a special Treat! I released Trick or treat PJ's with a nightmare before christmas jack o lantern.for only 50L ! After you go out trick or treating you can cuddle up in this cut PJ's with slipper.
We at Passionate Neko Dream wish you all a happy and fun Halloween. Love ya all =^.^=
We are in search under Passionate Neko Dreams

=^.^= ***Mews!***

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Spider Web Dollie & The Halloween Queen
Monday, October 27, 2008

Especially for you this Halloween, we bring you two new sexy outfits! The first is our brand new Spider-Web-Dollie, a black and cobwebbed Dollie complete with webbed stockings, bows and black lace, cute enough to make a grown-up Wednesday Addams jealous! =^_^=
Next we have our elaborate Halloween-Queen, a gorgeous Gothic Gown, webbed in the colors of the Halloween Season, corseted, laced in black with a plunging neckline,split skirt, and a queenly collar. This one wins Belle of the Halloween Bash! =^_*=
We are in search under Passionate Neko Dreams

=^.^= ***Mews!***

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Leather Love
Saturday, October 25, 2008
Falls now here and the weather getting colder. Time to brake out the jackets .We are proud to bring you Leather Love . A sexy black leather jacket with sexy leather and spikes Mini skirt also come with a leg spiked belt and FREE biker boots!!! So get on you bikes and ride to PND today and don't forget we steel got 6 more day tell Halloween!
We are in search under Passionate Neko Dreams

=^.^= ***Mews!***
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Halloween Fair !!!
Friday, October 24, 2008
Trick or Treat Costume Fair
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Bloody Brides Maid
IT IS HALLOWEEN WEAK !!! I Love halloween !!! PND is proud to bring you Bloody Brides Maid .If you like my broken dollie you will love this design! a off white dress with blood stain corset and flex dress with low up top. You will both look really sexy and spooky. For your next Halloween Bash!!!

Happy Halloween! =^.^= ***Mews***

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Wednesday Addem Dollie
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
What would Halloween be with out Wednesday Addems. As we all know the addem family has been a Halloween icon for years .I designed this NEW Lolita after the TV show and movie Wednesday dress.This Dollie is very cute,dark and will put the Halloween back in to Halloween! We at PND hope you Halloween is fun and spooky this year Happy Halloween!!! Hugs !!!
Happy Halloween from PND Love ya all :-)
Happy Halloween! =^.^= ***Mews***

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Lily Muster & Spooky Halloween Dollie
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lily Muster Gown! I was inspirted to make this design from a old old TV show. Some of you may have seen on nick at night called The Musters. gigglesYes i loved that show! It's one of mainy resons i am the gothic punk neko i am today ! ok back to the gown . if you love the TV show or jest love awsome gothic gowns. you will love this gown. Perfect forthe up and comeing Holiday !
Spooky Halloween Dollie . This cute yet spooky dollie comes with a skull Mask,fles dress,flex sleeve and sculpted should fluff. This dress is perfect for your little hellin to go out trick or treating in!
Happy Halloween from PND Love ya all :-) Happy Halloween! =^.^= ***Mews***
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Mr & Miss Skellington
Monday, October 20, 2008

Hi Everyone Saur Holt Here =^.^=We jest release a specail couple Halloween outfit called Mr and Miss SkellingtonThis two outfit are in a gothic/Punk syle and mash! Miss Skellington has a cute Mini skirt with belle shirt and strip stockings, Mr Skellington come with a spiked belt,striped undershirt, black t shirt with baggy jeans.
Happy Halloween! =^.^= ***Mews**
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Skellington Dollie
Friday, October 17, 2008
I was inspired to make this Skellington Dollie by my fav Movie" Nightmare befor christmass" . Skellington Dollie will making your heart melt Very cute ! You are sure to get lots of treats in this CUTE Dollie!
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Bat TopHats

Bat-Top Hats Large and small sculpted top hats with a sculted bat hanging from the hat. Bat top hats will be lots of SPOOKY FUN at you next Halloween Bash!
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Thursday, October 16, 2008
Passionate Neko Dreams is going back to her Punk Look for this NEW Mini Skirt. Called Spikes-M-Strips Very sexy,Cute and Tuff . Comes with a black and red strips top trimed in silver spikes and a Mini skirt with sculpted spikes , paid lock and Kitty Heads!And as a Specail Gift ! We added a FREE Skull/pearl Necklace.

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Also for our Halloween Shop We have a Reaper Costume. Comes with a sculpted skull head with hood, robes abd a sharp scythe!Happy Halloween!
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Hell Kitty AV
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Here today at PND straght from hell is our own specail Hell Kitty av ! She will steel you heart and SOUL. This av come with skin,shape,flex neko tail,glowing eyes, neko ears,Horns and spines,sexy flex skirt with outfit and Skull Boots. A perfect way to make this Halloween sexy and Spooky!
Happy Halloween!
=^.^= ***Mews***
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Vampire Lust
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Vampire Lust
Looking to treat that some of specail .In Vampire Lust you are sure to be a treat in this Very sexy yet cute gothic Lolita. With a see throw black blouse,flex dress with skull head bows with mashing Hair Bows and sexy black stocking You are sure to be the treat at you next Halloween Bash or alone with that some of specail *purrrrrs* you can get this design at both my main store and my Halloween shop. HAPPY Halloween!!! "Picks."
=^.^= ***Mews***
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Halloween SIlks,Backpack and Lantrens
Monday, October 13, 2008
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Halloween SIlks,Backpack and Lantrens

Less then 3 weaks till Halloween! YAY!!! Passionate Neko is proud to bring you 3 more Halloween designs!Sexy Witch Silks! This silk are very Gothic and Sexy comes with scuplted skulls, flex sleeve and a flowing flex silks. and we can not for get the sculpted witch Hat!.
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Lady Of The Night
Sunday, October 12, 2008
Passionate Neko Dreams is very proud of this NEW release . i was going for a gothic/steem punk feel with this dress. Called Lady Of The Night. your not likely to find any dress like this in SL ! In a off white trimed in white lace and dark strips , with a pritty wast ank ,sexy open front flex dress and a sculpted hat with lace. This Dress would be awsome at your next dance or Halloween event!And why you here don`t forget Halloween is all most here come to PND Halloween Shop across the water in the old spooky House.

=^.^= ***Mews!***

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Jack-O-Lantren Candy Giver
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Hi everyone . I have got so mainy request to bring back last years fav Jack-O-Lantren Candy giver . So i deside re release it with a NEW added !and why your here come enjoy our Spooky Pumpkin Hunt and mush moreOct 10 to the 31Happy Halloween from PND =^.^=

=^.^= ***Mews!***
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NEw Spooky Halloween Hunt
Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Sexy Halloween Minis

We just can't wait for Halloween here at Passionate Neko Dreams, so we are getting ready for the sexiest (and the cutest!) Halloween ever! In keeping with our favorite season we have 3 totally HOT, and adorable outfits for you today in various spooky patterns! Come and get our Sexy-Halloween-Reaper, Skulls, and Bats! All 3 come with optional resize & also unscripted short-n-sexy skirts, each complete with underlacing, little kitty-heads, our padlocked skull belt, our hottest & tastefully revealing high-cut tops, all complimented by black-n-white stripey leggings! And as a special treat, each outfit comes with its own trick-or-treat skull candy bucket loaded with your favorite Halloween candy, and guess what...the skull moves its jaw like it's trying to beat you to the munchies! It's devilishly cute as hell! =^_^=

=^.^= ***Mews!***

=^.^= ***Mews***
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My Little Pumpkin
Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Hi ya everyone . PND is proud to release My Little Pumpkin This dollie is soo cute ! you will fall in love and not want to take it off. comes with sculted sleeve, 2 flex dress one with resizing script. and to keep you safe why you are trick or treating a Glow light necklace! to light your way in the dark.Happy Halloween!

=^.^= ***Mews!***

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Vampire Wench & Dreams
Monday, October 6, 2008

Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to bring you 2 NEW design one for her Happoween shop and one for her main.
Vampire wench will make a purrfect outfit for Halloween!This Gothic gown is sure to make you the life or unlife of your next Halloween Bash! very sexy and it comes with a skull top hat and mashing BOOTS! that right FREE top hat and boot with this gown!
Dream Mini skirt this design gas 6 peace corset,bra,fishnet top, Panites , stockings and a see throw lace skirt. this design is very HOT.
We are in search under Passionate Neko Dreams

=^.^= ***Mews!***

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Witch Craft & Skull Boots
Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hi every one Saur Holt here from PND. My faver Holiday is here HALLOWEEN ! I have 2 NEW designs out . Witch Craft and Skull Boots. Witch Craft will put a spell on that some of specail this Halloween.You can not go wrong with skull boot, this boot can go with your Halloween or gothic look. Oct 10 to 30 we are having the twisted Halloween Carnival ! in conjunksion with Octoberpalooza.So come on down to PND and lits bring Halloween in with a bang!
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My Halloween Dollie,Pumpkin Patch and gothic Skull
Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Halloween early at Passionate Neko Dreams, and we have 2 new outfits and some matching jewelry to boot! The first is our very sexy Pumpkin-Patch in black & orange with a resize, padlocked skirt, and a very hot crop top designed with lacey cuffs! This outfit is darkly omplimented by our brand new Gothic-Skull-Necklace & Earrings! This Gothic necklace hangs over your heart accented by little skulls, and it comes with dangle skull earrings to match!
Lastly, we have a full Halloween Dolly Avatar for you! My-Halloween-Dolly-Av! She comes with skin & shape, and a gorgeous little Dolly dress flavored with the colors of the Season! This Dolly has cute skelly bows, tied pantaloons, little leggings, fingerless gloves, an overbust corset, and an underlaced skirt!
You will find these and many other fun and spooky items at Passionate Neko Dreams NEW Halloween Shop!

=^.^= ***Mews***

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Name: Passionate Neko Dreams
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About Me: Designer *Passionate Neko Dreams* I love designing Gothic Lolita's, Dolly Dresses, Neko, Punk, Urban, Gothic Vamp Designs, Lingerie, Vintage, and much more! I have made SL both my career and my home. I am by nature an ecclectic artist, ever exploring the depths of my own darkest dreams. It gives me great pleasure to bring you Gothic and original styles and designs, from the depths of my soul, to yours... =^.^=
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New Kitty Cats Meow

We at PND are happy to bring you our NEW sister store Kitty cats Meow!!! KCM has Neko tails,Puppy Tails,Collars,Neko Gear,Jewlry,Skins/Shape & Much Much More for the neko at heart !!!.

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