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Corset-N- Belts Gothic dress
Saturday, March 31, 2007

i was ask to make the belt n lace with a corset sooo i make a new outfit and WOW this outfit is HOT N SEXY grins this dress is dare i would only wear it if you wish to make them all drool !! giggles and yes i am getting dareing with my designs, hay it is spring winks
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:42 PM   0 comments
Sherbart Kitten gothic/punk skirt and outfit
Thursday, March 29, 2007

grins and giggles this design is sexy and cute, if your punk or goth or love awsome design this outfit is for you . come with a shirt,short,socks,flex mini shirt,bow,gloves and a neko collar,
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 11:50 PM   0 comments
Black-N-Lace gothic Dress New
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
grins i am getting more dareing with my design , hay it is spring time to look sexy!!
giggles i love this design and i would have to say my best work yet.
you well enjoy this outfit and so well you love and if you don not have a love you well turn some head in this dress.
come with a corset,bra,shorts,jacket,stockings,bows,flex skirt,flex cuffs mother of pearls neckless and a neko kitty collar.:)
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 8:19 AM   0 comments
Corset-N-Lace gothic dress
Sunday, March 25, 2007
this design is HOT ,and yes i cansered the pick , giggles this is a really daring outfit
i think this well be my best saler.
grins you well make them drool in this :-)
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 1:42 AM   0 comments
Mix-N- Mash
Saturday, March 24, 2007
here are my new design been a long day ill write more tomarow
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 12:33 AM   0 comments
Punky Mini Skirt
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Now in stock Punky Mini Skirt and outfit!! it`s spring time to brake out the MINI this design you well look HOT N Sexy with a spice of punk. this outfit comes with a shirt, short, flex mini skirt,shirt cuffs, neko collar and arm bands. grins be warn this is a true mini skirt grins.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 11:59 AM   0 comments
Leyla Laten Love
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
This design is my best by well love this salsa dress . i try and write a lot about my dress but i think this pic say all i need to say :)
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 8:29 PM   0 comments
Bows-N-Lace Gothic dress
Sunday, March 18, 2007
Grin i jest made this dress and have sold 4.this is my 7 in this line of gothic dresses and it is sexy.
you well enjoy this one and Wow them.come with shirt,shorts,stocking, flex skirt,flex cuffs,flexbow and a bling collar
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 2:50 AM   0 comments
Wed-N-Lace gothic dress
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Grins this design is gothic, sexy hot and cute and i have to say it prob my best work i have done so fair. i am wearing this dress right now . i am proud of this design.If your looking for a gothic dress to wow them this is it.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 11:15 PM   0 comments

Here is a Design anyone who love anime and or nekos well love, this outfit it designed after a neko anime pick i seen.
it is WOW i outdid my self .
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 1:16 AM   0 comments
Red Maiden N Lace
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Grins I have to say this is my best work yet. and WOW sexy and kinky. this is the 5 in this line of dress and i think the best. giggles pick say it all .if you want to turn some heads this well do it!
come with maiden shirt,maiden shorts,maiden stockings,maiden glove,maiden flex skirt,maiden should fluff, and a BLING collar!!
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 11:08 PM   0 comments
Skulls n lace
Sunday, March 11, 2007

this design is the 4 in this line , if you loved belts n lace, red n lace,velvet n lace you well love this gothic design.
come with skull shirt, skull shorts, skull glove, skull stockings,flex skirt, lace cuffs and a free fishbone lace collar, giggles sorry is tired ill write more on this post tomarow mew
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 1:40 AM   0 comments
Stacy`s Kitty Shirts
Saturday, March 10, 2007
my new design, i designed this shirt to complement my plaid chain i plain on taking this shirts and 3 of my other design and putting them in sl fashions meg. monday ill be getting a tablet so i plain to take my design to the next level . so if you like my design now , you well love them after i get my tablet. anyway back to my shirt giggles. i named this shirts after a friend/sissy on sl because she is a fan of my work and has helped showing off my designs.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 7:10 AM   0 comments
New Vendors and Re Modeling
Thursday, March 8, 2007
Smiles my new Vendors , ill be take ever weak and putting up this new vendor in my stores. i design them to be pleasing to the eyes and make more room for my designs. i hope you like the remodeling, i wish to make my store more pleasing to shop at :)
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 1:33 AM   0 comments
Gothic Victorian gown
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Smiles i am happy with this gown . my first victorian gown. a lot of work want in to this gown,
and my first choker with blind. this gown in 8 peace 5 are prim. if your gothic or love old fashion
gown you well enjoy this . i know i plain on wearing it . if this sale well i plain on making more .
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:23 PM   0 comments
Velvet n Lace gothic dress^^
This is my 3 dress of this line, so fair this line has been one of my best salers , if you loved Belts n lace and red n lace you well love this goth dress it come with flex velvet lace skirt,velvet lace shirt,velvet lace shorts,velvet lace stockings and a lace fishbone collar.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 3:09 AM   0 comments
Saturday, March 3, 2007

Smiles I said i would make them and here they are green plaid*reminder pats day coming up^^
Blue Plaid and black with skull n hearts . i so mush love this design i plain on make 3 more colors
comes with skirt chain suspends. you well enjoy this new skirt. they are made with all prim and flex . BTW i opened a new store come see it here is the LM
Passions Neko Dreams, Slustleria (28, 74, 27)
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 11:55 PM   0 comments
Thursday, March 1, 2007
This was designed after a comic book i found in my bothers room called Warlord , this comic book is gor like and has some awsome silks, so i made one sort of like the one in the book.
this is all prim and flex and i must say my best work. the top is gold with gold skulls , red and black silk. panties are gold/gold skulls with red and black flex silk. leg wrap gold/gold skulls.if you like gor and like goth you well love this outfit.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 12:21 AM   0 comments
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