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Saturday, October 31, 2009

`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´Gothic Passionate Dreams`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´™

Limited Edition Gothic-Bones-Dollie Halloween Night Only!
☠ ౩ ౪ ౫ ౬ ౭ ౮ ౯ ౧ ౦ కొ ట్టా డు౩ ౪ ౫ ౬ ౭ ౮ ౯ ౧ ౦ కొ ట్టా డు ఊు క్క క ఊు క్క క ☠

To celebrate our love of all things spooky, Gothic Passionate Dreams is bringing you a very special Limited Edition Sale for one night only, Halloween! Our Gothic-Bones-Dollie has been revisited, --revamped with bone leg stockings, skull buttons at the collar, Girly Skull badge on the front lapel, bows, lace & the best part, bones! This Dollie will only be sold through Halloween, which means you have until Midnight SLT to come get your Bones on! After that, she is gone forever so don't let yourself turn into a pumpkin on the steps! Be here by the Witching Hour SLT & be adorable, & boney! ☠
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Celtic Goth Dollie
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Come on down to Gothic Passionate Dreams, & join in the fun! We have our Halloween Apple Bobbing Contest, Witchy brews, Haunted House, School House, & Graveyard up for a little bit longer to celebrate our favorite Holiday!

And just up for Halloween we have our brand new Celtic-Goth-Dollie for ya! In hand painted maroon red cloth & black lace she comes with stockings & garters, bustle & bows, with skulls at the bell sleeves, & a Celtic brooch accents her decollete. This one is laced up the front & ready for the party! =^_~=
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My Fall Dollies
Sunday, October 25, 2009

`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´Gothic Passionate Dreams`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´™ Since the weather is getting cooler we thought it was time for some special zippered jacket Dollies! We have 3 of them in 3 hot Fall colors, complete with stripey, witchy stockings, zippered jacket tops that accentuate your bustline while still keeping you warm..., & an adorable black lacey skirt with hanging ribbons! All topped with a favorite brooch, our Halloween Pumpkin Kitty at the collar for that perfect Fall-Dollie touch!
☆ And tomorrow these go on sale for one day only for just 200L! ☆
After tomorrow they go back up to the regular price, so come get yours while they are on special for ya! =^_^=

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Friday, October 23, 2009
`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´Gothic Passionate Dreams`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´™ Step right up to ::GPD:: & get your Gothic-Carney-Stripes! This fun little Carnival dress is playfully sexy in Victorian Goth style! Black & whilte stripes, move to reveal matching stockings & gaterbelt, our black bodice accentuates your waist & cleavage, comes with a bowed collar & tophat with feathers & lace! You'll be the Belle of the Big Top in this one...!
And remember its our favorite time of year & we have Apple Bobbing, a Pumpkin Hunt, & other hunt items all over the store! Come out, come out wherever you are...!
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 10:01 AM   0 comments
Red Dish
Sunday, October 18, 2009
Come on down to Gothic Passionate Dreams, & join in on our Halloween Apple Bobbing Contest & you could be a winner of this lovely Red-Dish! It's sexy, & blood red, ~or apple red, if you prefer! =^_^=
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Candy Pumpkin
Saturday, October 17, 2009
We also have something special hiding in the store for a hunt called,Halloween Hunt 2009! Our little Candy-Pumpkin is also free if you can find her! =^_^=
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Classic Movie Monsters

☠CLASSIC MOVIE MONSTERS HUNT!☠ క ఖ గ ఘ ఙక ఖ గ ఘ ఙ౦ ౧ ౨ ౩ ౪ ౫ ౬ ౭ ౮ ౯ ౧ ౦ కొ ట్టా డు ఊు క్కIt's time to celebrate all those famous monster movies we loved grew up watching! We started this hunt in the 'spirit'...literally! We have 2 other stores participating with us for a total of 3 & we have 9 hunt pumpkins out for you at ::GPD::! To get the landmarks for all 3 stores, be sure to click the sign at the register!

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Jack the Pumpkin King
☠ `·.,¸¸,.·´¯ JACK THE PUMKIN KING! ¯`·.,¸¸,.·´ ☠ క ఖ గ ఘ ఙక ఖ గ ఘ ఙ౦ ౧ ౨ ౩ ౪ ౫ ౬ ౭ ౮ ౯ ౧ ౦ కొ ట్టా డు ఊు క్క♪♫Next up is Jack, the King of the Pumkin Patch, please make way for a very special guy! ♪ ~~And what kind of Halloween would it be without Jack The Pumpkin King! He's on sale now at ::GPD:: with 2 sit poses, so you & a friend can hang out with him this fine Holiday!
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Sexy Gothic Aristicracy
Thursday, October 15, 2009
And best of all, for our Victorian Goths we bring you our dramatic Sexy-Gothic-Aristicracy, a fashion statement to be reckoned with! Wether you are going to the Goth Club in high style, or touring Caledon you are sure to turn heads in this authentic museum quality design.Our jacket is adorned with small gold butons, lace, feathery fringe with a matching walking skirt, lace gloves & our ladies tophat adorned perfectly with feathers & lace. Underneath this ensemble is the most daring for its day, cabaret style lingerie, with corset & glove tops, & cabaret style skirt, sexy silk stockings & garter belt! Wear it out, either way in these modern times, it's PG! LOL!
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 12:47 PM   0 comments
Sexy Withy
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
We got Urban Witches for you at Gothic Passionate Dreams, to make your Holidays dark-n-sexy!
First up, is our Sexy-Witchy in hot black, spider web lace & blood red lining! Our short dipped skirt shows off your waistline with our cropped low-cut top, it makes a heart-shaped cleavage, with our matching short cape, & pumpkin kitty brooch! Complete with leggings, & skully Witchy hat, our girl is ready to cast her spell on ya! =^_~=
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Urban Halloween
And to go out Trick-or-Treating with her we have our Urban-Halloween, an adorable school-girl in her pumkin T, black jeans jacket with little cuffs, scarf -n-collar (to hide the bite marks...), sexy poof skirt with little pumkin prints, leggings, & and the most adorable Pumpkin-Witchy-Scarecrow shoulder pet you ever saw! =^_^= He's cute!...And waiting for you at Gothic Passionate Dreams!
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New Vampire Submissive
Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gothic Passionate Dreams is doing something special this Dark Season & revisiting a most popular customer favorite, our Vampire-Submissive! Some of you have been asking for more options & colors on this Gothic dress, so we are bringing you 4 new colors complete with stockings, garter belts, & Victorian hats & a special brooch on 2 of the colors! =^_^= She is now available in blood red with black accents, we have a Halloween version in orange & black with sexy cobwebs, (bet you didn't know cobwebs could be sexy, lol!) & a teal, & dark teal version available! Perfect for Victorian Goth's or anyone who has a secret desire to submit to the lust of a Vampire... Our low neckline just screams...BITE ME! :P

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Mina City Gown
Thursday, October 8, 2009
`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´Gothic Passionate Dreams`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´™ ☠ Inspired by one of my favorite films, Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 version of Bram Stokers immortal classic, Dracula- comes Mina's-City- Gown! Hauntingly authentic, she comes with netted Victorian hat & kid gloves, silky garmets are framed by her skirts, & jacket gently clapsing at the throat, and fastened at the waist. The perfect walking dress for any young Victorian lady ready to meet a Prince... especially if he is a vampire!
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Trick Or Treat Neko Gear
We also have a special treat for our tricky Neko's this Halloween called Trick-Or-Treat-Neko! These are tails & ears in 4 colors- orange, green, blood- red, & black! The coolest part is the tail has a ghost poofer in it! The tail is encased in leather with a vampire liquor bottle, a coffin with an ankh, a sculpted cobweb, & also cute skulls & a candy bucket hang down on little chains! The ears have adorable barbell & ankh peircings on them! We hope you like them! =^_^=
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More Halloween Treat =^.^=
Monday, October 5, 2009
We woke up this morning singing the Halloween song & doing a little dance!
Then we decided, who better to start us off than the Mistress of the Macabre herself, ELVIRA! Our version of this sultry vixen of voluptuousness comes with her own little fake daggar, you know-- like the one from the movie! YAY! Must provide your own cobwebs & cleavage, as this black slinky dress cuts down to there and up to woohoo! P.S. If you want the hair (because I know you are going to ask, lol!) head on over to Curl up and Dye Salon, & get the one called Moirafate in Black. Then you'll be singing the ELVIRA song with us! =^_^=

Next up, for our awesome friend Makayla Asbrink, we've created this HOT little Holiday stripper outfit, Forbidden-City-Halloween! Forbidden City has it all, with a dance & social club, strippers...hence this outfit, :) games, shopping & more! Our jersey comes down to barely cover pumpkin pasties, & our little skirt strips down to sexy torn net stocklings & panties! We thought the number pretty much said it all! Come get your outfit here, & then party with Mak down at Forbidden City...I hear she is also hiring right now, but that's just a rumor in the gossip mill... Send Makayla Asbrink a notecard for more information!

Are you ready for our Halloween-Rage-Dollie? Well she is ready for you! This is the cutest little huggable spooky Dollie ever! Orange & black leggings are classic under little pantaloons, full underlaced skirts adorned with ghosts, bats, pumpkin buttons & bows, all on black of course! Topped off with our adorably Mad Hatter-ish tophat wrapped with skulls & skeletal hands, she is ready for a haunting tea party!

Next, get ready to trick-or-treat with our sexy Happy-Halloween-Dollie! This hottie is ready to turn some heads with her moon, star & black patterned dress adorned with our low cut spider web panelled bodice, sexy matching leggings & arm warmer gloves! She looks ready to play in her matching Halloween mary-jane pumps & our little ghostly candy bucket! Ghosts are included, runs with an unlife of its own, batteries not required!

And lastly we have Halloween chokers! Our sweet treat of the day is a Trick-or-Treat-Skull-Kitty in black with bone white, classic orange, & witchy green! These are so totally cute with their little kitty heads & ears on skully faces, & round pumpkins & beads on the sides! Bone Kitties! You know you need it! LOL! =^_~=

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Halloween at Gothic Passionate Dreams !
Thursday, October 1, 2009
`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´Gothic Passionate Dreams`·.,¸☠✯☠¸,.·´™ ☠ Gothic Passionate Dreams, Inc. has been busy getting ready for our favorite Holiday, Halloween! ☠ Lots of new things coming your way and we are starting off with our favorite comic book icon, VAMPIRELLA! Our hot sexy version of this vixen is ready to paint the town red in her infamous Draculon suit! Comeplete with upper arm band and boots, this one was hand painted with love! You know you want to be Vampi for know you do! =^_^=

Next up we invite you to come and have ~A Halloween Dream~ with us! Adorably Gothic in orange & black, our girl is ready to party with her scalloped pumpkin lace-up collared jacket, leggings, matching hat, or wear her sexy lingerie with panties & stockings! Her shoes have little pumpkins adorning them, & our black pearl pumpkin necklace sets of her entire look!

And here's a FREEBIE for you, if you can find it! =^_~= We are participating in the ~Vampire Hunt~ for Halloween & we made you all an adorable Punky-Witchy! Come find the little red cofin, for the win! YAY! :)

And now for some fun Halloween items! We have our Pumpkin-Patch-Gang, complete with 3 bats, 4 pumpkins, and cool spooky faces! We think they are adorable! Come get yours! Only 16prim!

And last but not least, come get your Cuddle Cauldron! That's right, sit in a vat of bubbly smoky water with the one you love! No it's not a steam bath, & it's not a's Witchy! And that makes it a perfect Halloween toy! Come get yours and splash around!

posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:54 AM   0 comments
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We at PND are happy to bring you our NEW sister store Kitty cats Meow!!! KCM has Neko tails,Puppy Tails,Collars,Neko Gear,Jewlry,Skins/Shape & Much Much More for the neko at heart !!!.

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