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Its Carnival Time
Friday, May 30, 2008

Its Carnival Time –
Passionate Neko Dreams is hosting a gothic weekend of carnival proportions. With 10 dollarbees and 7 amazing new releases, it truly is party time. So step right up and join the wild ride today. Among the new releases is 3 updates to classic dolly dresses, now with mini mini skirts, so your favourite dress just got sweeter, not to mention sexier. Dark Rose Dollie is a cute and seductive addition to the dolly range. Gothic Gypsy adds a little nomadic spice to the Passionate Neko product range. Gothic Heart is cute and adorable with a huge scoop of gothic, cool as ice and fresh from the freezer. Finally a new backpack, fashioned from a miniature coffin adorned with dolls and doll parts; this back pack is one hell of a scream. So what are you waiting for the carnival has already begun.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Love –
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the release of a cool sultry dress for the summer from Lil Neko. Available in 4 colours including teal, green, yellow and tangerine, summer love is as delicious as a cool white ice cream. So when your feeling the heat look cool in summer love.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008
Spider Web Mini –
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the release of this wonderful new outfit. Like a spider to the fly, this design is so sexy that anyone that catches sight of you, will easily become ensnared in your web. Venomously gothic and spun to an exquisite quality this dress is one you wont want to release from your jaws.
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NEW Manic Skirt and Gowns
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Manic arrives.
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the release of 2 new outfits. Manic by name and defiantly manic by nature, these 2 designs are bold and not for those afraid of a little colour. The first outfit is simply called Manic, with a sexy short skirt and top in either black and red or black and grey stripes. The second outfit is called Manic Dress and is similar to Manic except it is a full on gown, complete with sculpty hat and skull choker. If a dress were a carnival then it would defiantly be the new Manic range.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Neko Summer Nights.
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the release of a new sexy and attitude filled design. Neko Summer Nights is the ideal outfit for a hot steamy night with your partner. It is also a versatile design with 4 possible ways to wear it, be that full corset and prim skirt complete with the stockings, or maybe you would prefer the topless version of the corset to tantalise the one you love. However you choose to wear the outfit it is gonna be a smoldering Neko Summer Night tonight.
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Saur`s Love
Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saur’s Love

Summer has arrived and to celebrate it Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to release Saur’s Love, a collection of sexy swim wear. So oil up the skin and prepare your sexy walk cause these swimsuits leave very little to the imagination. Available in 4 colours and for 24hrs they will be at the special price of 20 linden. After that the price will go up too 150 lindens. So don’t miss the sun today at Passionate Neko Dreams.
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Punk Meow Mix
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Its time to show some serious attitude with the latest release at Passionate Neko Dreams, Punk Meow Mix brings you a Prim skirt and t-shirt overflowing with the spirit of punk. With cool kitty motif on the top this outfit is as cute as it is bold. So show your punky meow today with this new outfit.

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Wild Girl
My Dead Kitty is proud to announce the release of this new sexy outfit. Wild by name and wild by nature this outfit shows its attitude with a roar. Made from black latex with prim skirt and double waist belt, this outfit will show the world of second life that you are in charge and you wont be tamed easily.We are in search under My Dead Kitty

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Dark Dreams
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the release of Dark Dreams. A elegant gothic gownwith long flowing flex gown.sculpted sleeve and shoulders, bows,black roses and lace.You are sure to be a hit at your next gothic event.So lit your darker side out and come and prowl the night at Passionate Neko Dreams.scroll down for picWe are in search Under Passionate Neko Dreams

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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Neko Yoru
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the release of Neko Yuru a new prim skirt from the mind of Lil Neko. This skirt is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, whether you intend to prowl the streets of Tokyo or dance the night away in a second life club. However you intend to spend your neko yoru you will want to do it in this skirt.scroll down for picWe are in search under Passionate Neko

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Friday, May 9, 2008
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to unveil a brand new prim skirt from Lil Neko. Mixing cute with dark Evil-N-Pink brings a lighter side to gothic wear. With detailed prim belt and chains, this skirt shows that pink can have attitude too.
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Sexy Kitten Lingerie and boxers
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sexy Kittens – Lingerie One, Two and Boxers.
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the release of these 3 new lingerie sets designed for all the lovers out there. In classic black these lingerie sets are perfect for that late night snuggle in the kitten basket. With 2 sets for the ladies and one for the gentlemen we are certain you are gonna love them.scroll down for pic We are now in search under Passionate Neko Dreams

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Vampire Submisive 3 Colors now

Vampire Submissive – special edition.
We at Passionate Neko Dreams have had a number of requests for different colours of the popular Vampire Submissive. Always wanting to be responsive to the desires of our customrer base, Lil Neko is now releasing this dress in 4 new colours, including blue, red and green. And at 100 linden cheaper than the classic vampire submissive, and a buy 2 get one free* offer underway, there has never been a better time to explore your submissive vampire side. You can find the classic dress on the first floor along with Lil Neko’s Dolly collection. If you are looking for the urban wear and skirts they are now on the third floor.
*Both products must be over 250 linden to be eligible. Free item Mush be same or close to same price. To claim your free item, place the names of products you bought, and the product you would like free, on a note card to SAUR HOLT and the item will be sent to you at the earliest opportunity.

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Vampire Submisive

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Monday, May 5, 2008
Gothic-Lust – In 5 Colours
My Dead Kitty has been up to its usual mischief and has found these super sexy latex outfits. Available in 5 colours and seductively opaque, gothic lust will have bring out the wild kitty in both you and any potential partner. So handle with care because gothic lust is so hot it needs a health warning.
Gothic- Lust- Boxer.
For those looking for something sexy without the riskque, My Dead Kitty also brought home these amazing unisex boxers. Also available in 5 colours and suitable for tomboys, tomcats and the kitty cats morning after wear, these boxers are sure to make you feel good.
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Gothic Rose Dollie
Thursday, May 1, 2008
The sweet scent of the rose has come to Passionate Neko Dreams with the latest release from Lil Neko. Perfect for a summer picnic or even a late night blood ritual between lovers Gothic Rose Dollie, will surely put you in a trance. It is cute, yet sultry and has a detailed hand made rose design on the top. Buy this dress today before the petals of the evening begin to fall.

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New Kitty Cats Meow

We at PND are happy to bring you our NEW sister store Kitty cats Meow!!! KCM has Neko tails,Puppy Tails,Collars,Neko Gear,Jewlry,Skins/Shape & Much Much More for the neko at heart !!!.

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