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Friday, February 29, 2008
Pink Paws Dollie
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the arrival of Lil Neko’s most accomplished outfit to date. This outfit is so cute and adorable it practically comes wrapped in a big pink bow of awwwwwie. With sculpted bows, and cutesy little cape it will melt your heart down to strawberry milkshake. So awaken the little pink riding hood within you and get down to Passionate Neko Dreams today. Ps bring milk and cookies.scroll down for pic. We are in search under Passionate Neko Dreams
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NEW Vampire-Hunter-Meka
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vampire Hunter Meeka
Passionate Neko Dreams two designers have joined forces to bring you there most complicated design ever. Vampire Hunter Meeka prowls the streets hunting demons, when she is not attending school that is. Lil Neko has provided this outfit comes with 2 skirts, a dolly one for while she as at school, and a short skirt for when she has to high kick her way through the demons of the night. To help her in her battles Bold Vixen has crafted a scythe with vampire impaling spike and spectre slicing blade. She has also provided her with a pair of headphones so she can either keep in touch with team or listen to the latest goth tunes. That’s not all, she has a stake holding leg belt and a gothic choker and chain to finish off the outfit.
With the level of detail in the textures and the shear volume and quality of the accessories you would expect to pay in the region of 900 linden. However through the power of the mob you can watch the price of this outfit fall before your very eyes. So, don’t like the price, why not teleport in a few friends and the price will decrease to a level of insanity. This is one occasion where the mob rules………… Of course you can also buy the outfit at the price shown on the vendor, but you will be amazed at how much you and your friends can affect the price.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 4:47 PM   0 comments
Lil Neko is most defiantly your fairy godmother in bringing you this dress, unfortunately there will be no white mice for the carriage, as the last two were eaten for lunch. However you will defiantly go to the ball in style with this neko gown. With 3 colours to choose from and a cute fur cape, you will hope the clock will never strike midnight on this outfit.scroll down for pic
We are now is search under passionate Neko Dreams

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Tooth and Cutie Kitty Collar
Monday, February 25, 2008
Tooth and Cutie Kitty Collar.
Back by popular demand Bold Vixen is releasing 2 new Kitty Collars. One is based around the Passionate Neko Kitty, done in solid silver with a precious stone wrapped in its tail. The second represents a neko tooth set in a silver base. These two collars are sure to put a leash on your heart this coming spring.
Cuttie Kitty and Gothic Cross Bracelets.
Increasing the range of her jewellery Bold Vixen releases these 2 prim bracelets. With a sold silver chain comprising of intricate and tiny links these chains are well made and at only 75l, a bargain. With the Passionate Neko kitty making a return on this bracelet this chain is both cute and adhorable. The gothic chain includes a detailed cross design that will both keep the vampires at bay and the heart on fire.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:34 AM   0 comments
Zombie Punk Returns
Not content with being one of Lil Neko’s most popular outfits, Zombie Punk has returned and demands blood. In an attempt to appease Zombie Punk Lil Neko has created this new range called Zombie Punk Returns. With tattered top and socks available in four colours, and a black short skirt, this is an outfit so good it is able to satisfy the living dead.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 5:46 AM   0 comments
Gothic Teacher.
Lil Neko is well and truly hot for teacher with this new period inspired outfit. Based around an old school teachers uniform this design is both elegant and fun, and is clearly a little anime inspired. So prepare to break out the chalk and cane and write 100 times “Im hot for teacher”.
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NEW Blood-Misstress
Friday, February 22, 2008
Blood Mistress
My dead kitty has been exploring second life and has gone and got herself a mistress, in seven colours the blood mistress is silks meets latex. So whether you are on your knees or you have whip in hand, this outfit will command attention. scroll down for pic
You can find My Dead Kitty in SearchAlso you can find My Dead Kitty in Saur Holt Profile/Picks
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 7:56 AM   0 comments
Thursday, February 21, 2008
My Dead Kitty is proud to announce the release of an outfit so sexy it could only ever be named after one of the seven deadly sins. Lust is bound to be on the mind of the wearer of this outfit and when others see you in it, it is sure to be on their mind too. With a detailed mesh top and skirt, prepare to set hearts on fire cause lust is about to ignite.scroll down for pic
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:40 AM   0 comments
NEW Cat-Clawed and Dolly-Girl
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Cat Clawed Dolly
Lil Neko accidentally left this dress to near the kittens and upon repairing it discovered this wonderful new out fit she calls Cat Clawed Dolly. With a top that has been clawed and re-stitched; this outfit has a clear gothic tone. As her kittens destroyed the dress she is also giving one away with each of the dresses complete with holding animation.

Dolly Girl
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to announce the release of this gown and lingerie set. With flowing corseted gown that also can be worn as a corset and suspenders lingerie set, this outfit overflows with elegance and sexy. Slightly gothic in taste this dress is perfect for all those creatures of the night out there, so whether you feed under the moon or just mew at it, this dress is for you.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:57 AM   0 comments
Monday, February 18, 2008
Miss Goth Kitten.
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to release this new design from Lil Neko. Continuing her current range involving fish nets she is releasing this strong and sexy design. With a fish net textured top and netted skirt this outfit is sure to bring out your dominant side. So be prepared to stand up and take notice cause Miss Goth Kitten has entered the room.scroll down for pic

posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 8:49 AM   0 comments
My Dead Kitty
Thursday, February 14, 2008
My Dead Kitty Grand Opening.
Passionate Neko Dreams in conjunction with LVS and Co are proud to announce another collaborative collection of designs. This new store brings you the same high quality you have come to expect from Passionate Neko but is sexier, grittier and has claws just that little sharper. Titled My Dead Kitty this is one store you do not want to let pass you buy. With short sexy skirts, piercing, PVC outfits this is a store that is not afraid to raise the hemline and let down the hair. My dead kitty has defiantly burst out of the pet cemetery and has set up home in Cassiopeia Isle.scroll down for pic
We are in search My Dead KittyYou can also find the new store in Saur Holt
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Neko – Purrs
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud announce the release of another versatile outfit from Lil Neko. With a gown, a dolly and lingerie this outfit is sure to see you through any occasion be it gothic or ballroom, and with the added lingerie you can even take it to the bedroom. Prepare to curl up in this dress and purr.scroll down for pic
We are now is search under passionate neko deams

Mews Happy Valentines day
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 10:11 AM   0 comments
Angel-Love Lingerie
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Angel Love
Prepare to feel both cosy and sexy this valentines day with this amazing set of lingerie . Made in white and pink with a lace up corset design at the back, this outfit shows you can wear something that feels snug and sensual. So treat your body this season of love to something special and feel the warmth of angel love.

Happy Valentines Day Mews
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 1:26 PM   0 comments
Friday, February 8, 2008
Like the name suggests this outfit really is the neko’s meow, sexy, sultry and just a little bit naughty. Lil Neko has out done herself with this design, with paw print motif on both the bra and the belt strap. So why roar when you can be sexy with a meow.scroll down for pic

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Anarchy and Skull
Its time to break out the black eye liner with this new outfit from Lil Neko, and it is sure to be a hit with the gothic of you out there. With Lil Neko’s trademark short skirt and ruffled leg and arm stockings, this outfit will awaken the rebellious side of your personality.scroll down for pic
We are now in search under Passionate Neko Dreams

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Be Witched
Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Be Witched
Put a spell on the one you love this Valentines Day with this sexy PVC outfit. This cute and beguiling outfit comes with dangling chain pentacles from the skirt. So bring on the magic and let Passionate Neko Dreams Bewitch you.scroll down for picWe are now in Search Under Passionate Neko Dreams
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 10:21 AM   0 comments
Friday, February 1, 2008
Cats Meow
Passionate Neko Dreams is proud to present this sexy yet casual outfit. With Lil Neko’s trademark short prim skirt, and a lace up top which marks a new departure for the store. So now you can strut your way through your favourite second life hangouts feeling comfy yet sexy.
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Gothic Punk Valentines
Gothic Punk Valentines.
Show a little lust for the one you love this romantic season with this risqué outfit from Lil Neko. With a neon fishnet top, panties and skirt this outfit leaves little to the imagination. But with the addition of the bra that comes with the product, and with a little courage, it could be worn out of the bedroom. A nice additional feature of the top is a kiss tattoo which will help send the signal to your partner you wanna be kissed all over.
posted by Passionate Neko Dreams @ 9:39 AM   0 comments
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We at PND are happy to bring you our NEW sister store Kitty cats Meow!!! KCM has Neko tails,Puppy Tails,Collars,Neko Gear,Jewlry,Skins/Shape & Much Much More for the neko at heart !!!.

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